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How to lose Belly Fat in 7 days my personal method?

How to lose Belly Fat in 7 days my personal method?

Now a days almost everyone facing these type of issue of over weight or you can say Belly Fat in last several years, I am also facing issue of Belly Fat. Here I am going to share my personal method How to lose Belly Fat in minimal time. If you follow these steps you might also can lose Belly Fat within 7 days. But before starting my personal methods I am going talk about something that if you want to lose belly fat. Then you should have to be very very careful about the process and you also need to have patient. Because gaining weight is easy but losing weight and Belly fat can be hard.

How to lose Belly Fat

1. Eat Raw Garlic in the Morning :

How to lose Belly Fat

Raw Garlic is a pure source of Pungent and they are really effective for Belly Fats. So take one or two clove of aGarlic it and eat it raw. At first you surely don’t like it but with time it can become a habit then you surely like it.

2. Drink Hot Lemon Water in the Morning :

Next step is drink Hot Lemon Water in the Morning. And it will help you to burn your extra belly fat very soon. This is one of the most recommendable process. You should follow this step to remove belly fat.

3. Jeera Water in the Morning  :

If you don’t like Lemon like me then you should follow this step. Here you should need to heat up some water and then you you need to put some Jeera or Cumin into the water and after boiling it. Drain the Jeera or Cumin Seeds and then drink the Hot Water. It will also really helpful process to remove belly fat. And it the best alternative of Hot Lemon Water. This is one of the best way of How to lose Belly Fat.

4. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners :

How to lose Belly Fat

If you are use too of Artificial Sweeteners or Cold then you need to avoid these very soon. Because these are the key reasons behind Belly Fat. You also need to avoid Ice Creams and Sweet Junk Foods to follow the guide of How to lose Belly Fat in 7 days. Rather than this you can eat natural form of sugar and Fruit Sugars.

5. Go for Whole Grains :

Try to eat whole grains because they contains calcium and natural fiber which is really good for health and digestion. So try to eat as much whole grain food as you can. Avoid Maida (Refined Floor) totally, because Maida (Refined Floor) is the one of the biggest source of Belly Fats.

6. Drink Water as much as You can :How to lose Belly Fat

Water the major part of our Body or you can say Water is elixir of life. And generally we follow all diets and do exerciser to get slim but we avoid water. But if you want to lose belly fat or you want to get fit then you should need to drink Water in every half an hour. Water is the key ingredient to remove excess belly fat. So you need to drink water as per your weight.

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If your weight is 60KG then you need to drink (60/30=2 lit), then you need to drink 2 Liters  of water in every 3-4hrs.

7. Eat Raw Foods :How to lose Belly Fat

Try to eat Raw Foods as much as you can have.Because Raw Foods are filled with fiber and antioxidants. And they are insensibly good for your health and to remove Belly Fats. So try to eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables as much as you can eat. These will help you to follow your How to lose Belly Fats in 7 Days guide.

8. Drink Organic Teas :How to lose Belly Fat

Try to have organic Teas Like Green Tea, Jasmine Tea or any other natural Teas. As natural Organic Teas really help to remove belly Fat as they produce huge number of anti-oxidants in you body.

9. Sleep Well :

Sleeping is one of the reasons behind gaining weights because if you don’t have proper sleep daily then your body tried to store excess fats in your Belly. So you need to have proper 8hrs Sleep daily in the night. And don’t sleep in the day sleep only in the nights.

Follow these 9 Steps to remove Belly Fats very soon.

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